How to save an additional 5% (and more!) at COMEX 2019 by doing a FavePay-GrabPay-UOBCreditCard payment chain [5-8 Sep 2019 only!]

COMEX is here again, and its time for the teck geeks to embark on their quarterly pilgrimage to the pop-up tech mecca with gadgets galore, hoping to score a good deal. I chanced upon a hack which seems too good not to share immediately, despite the wee hours right now. Here’s how it works.

Scenario: You intend to spend $1000 at COMEX and pay using FavePay with “COMEXFP” promo code. FavePay can be connected to your GrabWallet (to debit your GrabPay Credits), which in turn can be topped up from your credit card (eg: UOB One Card).

The above effectively creates a FavePay-GrabPay-CreditCard payment chain, which triple-stacks your rewards at minimum.

Note that you can also redeem a Sennheisser Earphones with minimum spend of $500, on top of the already great deals you will get at COMEX!

In summary, the following is what you will get:

  1. 2% Favepay Cashback uncapped (Promo Code: COMEXFP): $20
  2. GrabRewards: $1000 x 5 pts = 5000 pts (Platinum status qualification: 4500 pts). Assume $5 Grab voucher = 2000 pts. Therefore 5000 pts is worth $12.5. Let’s make it $13.
  3. UOB One Card: Spend requirement for that month is met. Get minimum $50 cashback if spend requirement for that quarter is met. Let’s count this as $50/3 = $17
  4. UOB One Account: Spend requirement for that month is met. Get higher interest rate on deposits in account.
  5. Sennheiser Earphones (while stocks last).

Total: $20+$13+$17 = $50 (+Bonus interest rates from UOB One Account).
Savings: $50/1000 = 5% ++

Quite a sweet deal, don’t you think? 🙂

Update 1: A reader mentioned that if the UOB One card is used on Grab, that’s an additional 5% rebate on all Grab spend for that quarter (not monthly!). So that’s an additional $50 cashback on that hypothetical $1000 spend. Much wow…

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