Trade event data from Enterprise Singapore

Knowledge of trade event data in a specific market can be very helpful.

Use cases include: 1) Demand and capacity planning. Certain industries (eg: travel, hospitality, F&B) would benefit from knowing when demand for their services would peak, and alter their capacity and pricing accordingly. 2) Comparison against same event in the past. It is troublesome to search the internet for the exact dates of an biennial-recurring event (eg: Singapore Air Show) each time we need it.

Looking up the exact dates in a searchable database would be more convenient. How about you? How would your business/industry use trade event data? To spark some ideas, here is a CSV file containing events from 2016 to 2019 for the Singapore market (https://raw.githubusercontent.com/amosang/datawrangling/master/scrapper_trade_events/trade_events.csv)

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