SGX high dividend stocks (REITs and Business Trusts)

The SGX stock market has been falling since the start of May 2019, fueled by fears generated from the US-China trade war. Has value emerged from the falling stock prices? Here, we present a list of REIT and Business Trusts which have a dividend yield of 5% or greater, sorted in order from low to high.

The dividend yield is calculated by taking the dividends given for each stock in 2018 (by exDate), divided by the stock’s closing price on 3 Jun 2019.

Do note that one should not focus solely on dividend yield; it is possible for a REIT to have a high dividend yield by liquidating assets and then having the price drop. Rather, dividend yield is but one perspective, albeit a convenient heuristic, especially for income-focused investors. Use it as a first cut for further analysis.

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